HITCO LOGISTICS LTD is a leading, regional, transport and logistics company. Incorporated as a limited liability company in Zambia, HITCO LOGISTICS LTD predominantly carries on the business of road haulage of oil and petroleum products, including copper and other forms of dry cargo. To support its operations, the company has invested in several support services such as a maintenance workshop and a truck stop/inn facility.

Our Mission

To create value for our Customers through excellence and innovation

Our Vision

“To be the leading and preferred supplier and transporter of petroleum products, both locally and regionally, driven by excellence, innovation and reliability”
We keenly advise clients, partners and staff on equitable levels of environmental safeguards to be incorporated to a project where a hazard may not be covered by regulations or the client’s policy. We strive to preserve a clean and healthy environment at all times.
Our mission is to create a work environment in which the host communities and the company become fundamentally interdependent. This is done with a mutual understanding and commitment to growth and development.
We are strongly committed to sound practices in all aspects of our business. This is to prevent injury and protect all employees and subcontractors from work hazards and occupational diseases in the execution of their responsibilities.

Our services

What our clients Said

“We are Hitco Logistics, a unique but motivated company specializing in Petroleum products, Commodities and Logistics. We believe passionately in great bargains and excellent service, which is why we commit ourselves to giving you the best of both.”